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Why partner with Curoka? 

Realise the full potential of your hospital by joining the Curoka network

Technology suite implementation

Transform your hospital with Curoka's practical and easy to use HMS suite with OPD, IPD, pharmacy, billing and insurance modules. Free to user when you sign up

Telemedicine module 

Expand the reach of your physicians and specialists with a built in telemedicine module. Give video, audio and chat consultation option to existing as well as new patients

Revenue and channel management

Cost optimisation

Monitor your revenue through our HMS while we manage all your customer acquisition and engagement channels to prevent revenue leakage

Switch to a shared services model for managing admin, insurance and improve your margins by rationalising costs across departments

Process redesign

Redesign and optimise all process flows in your hospital with our in house experts who are amongst the only 16 certified healthcare quality professionals. Get complimentary NABH accreditation support once you sign up

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Complete sales and marketing support

Let our experts manage your sales and marketing to get you more customers while keeping existing engaged. Improve utilisation fo your OT and recoup fixed costs faster with increased elective surgery patient visits to your hospital

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Patient experience management

Closely monitor patient experience and feedback through our technology suite while we work behind the scenes to improve your NPS

24 x 7 support

Get dedicated and priority support round the clock to address any of your concerns

Curoka integrated HMS suite

Optimise your processes and costs and increase revenue with Curoka's practical, easy to use HMS complete with full sales and marketing support

Curoka OS

  • Manage your hospital from a single dashboard. Connected records, billing, digital prescriptions and much more

  • Optimise your decision making by using evidence based on your patient data

  • Make use of our smart calendar to simplify and optimise consultation schedules

  • Effortlessly visualise and analyse all data related to your hospital operations

  • Use 3rd party device integrations to remotely monitor and counsel your patients

  • Ensure 0% revenue leakage and 100% paperless operations

  • Improve patient retention rates and discharge processes

  • Seamless video and audio consultations for telemedicine 

  • Manage accounting, insurance and admin for multiple locations using the same dashboard

  • High security measures prevent patient data theft and malicious actions

  • HL7 and HIPAA compliant


Steps to partner with Curoka


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Complete onboarding and technology suite integration to transform your operations 

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Join India's fastest growing technology enabled healthcare network and significantly improve your hospitals financial performance and patient experience. Talk to us today!


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